Lot #3 – 1963 M-M G705 Diesel – S/N 23900398 -- $1,600. Runs great.  Sheet metal excellent. Tire treads - 20%. One rim rusty around the stem. Has PTO.  Hour meter shows 2,637 hrs. Throttle rod needs fixed.  Planted wheat with tractor Sept. 2010.

Lot #4 – 1964 M-M G706 LP FWA – S/N 24000334 - $5,500.  Excellent sheet metal. Runs good.  Tire condition good with 70% rear tread. Tire size 23.1-26.  Rims good; need paint. Has original seat.  Has been shedded last 20 yrs.   Replaced heads and did valve job when I put it in my shed 10 yrs. ago.  4x4 works.  Have drawbar for it.

Lot #6 – 1963 M-M G705 Diesel – S/N 23900184 - $1,500.  Excellent sheet metal; tires fair.  Rims excellent; no fluid.  The engine is stuck.  Has 540 PTO, original seat, hour meter works. 937 hrs.  No generator.  Fenders have small dent in bottom rear. Very straight, clean tractor.

Lot #8 – 1965 M-M G707 LP -  S/N 31200226 - $1,850.  Produced in 1965 only.  Excellent sheet metal, fair tires.  18.4-34’s are somewhat weather-checked.  Tractor is stuck.  Has PTO.  Paint is poor, rims good.  Nice original tractor.  Has a Massey Ferguson seat; can switch for M-M one.  Has alternator, not generator.

Lot #9 – 1968 M-M G900 Diesel Standard – S/N 33101083 - $2,500.  Tractor is stuck. Exhaust was always covered; got stuck from sitting.  Good sheet metal. 18.4-34’s; 1 good rear tire & rest are poor.  Rims are good.  PTO, 540/100, dual hydraulics, no 3 point.  Do have grille for it.

Lot #10 – 1948 M-M UTI LP – S/N 339628H - $950.  Turns over. Tire size 18-26.  1 is 70%; 1 is 80%.  No PTO. 

Lot #12 – 1950 M-M GTB gas – S/N 0165000111 - $1,200.  Excellent sheet metal.  Tire condition fair; some weathered.  18.4-34’s. Rims have been widened.  Front tires – 1 new, 1 80% - weather-checked.  Has PTO, 540, single hydraulics.  Original seat, 1 small ding in fuel tank, hood is perfect.  Fenders are nice.  Turns over; should run.

Lot #13 – 1969 M-M G1000 Wheatland LP – S/N 32600713 - $3,500.  Tractor runs.  Sheet metal poor; can replace.  Fair tires.  18.4-34 taper locks. Good rims; no fluid.  No PTO.  Dual hydraulics.  Has a factory Crenlow cab with all the original tinted glass.  Nice original seat.  2,707 on the hour meter.  Frame rails have some iron welded on them.  I have replacement rails.  Tie rod is broken on front end.  Missing RH lower tank shield.

Lot #14 – 1959 M-M GVI LP 4x4 – S/N16000762 - $3,200.  Tractor turns over; should run.  Good sheet metal.  Tires are 90%; mismatch.  18.4-34 rears.  Rear rims have very little rust around stem. At least half full of fluid.  No PTO.  Dual hydraulics. Has a cab; original seat.  Front lower radiator casting was welded.  Transfer case is welded up, but complete with drive shaft.  Fenders rusted through at platform; some dents in rear.

Lot #16 – 1951 M-M UTS Gas – S/N 01206978 - $800.  Tractor is stuck, but exhaust is covered.  Gas manifold is bad.  Complete original tractor.  Good sheet metal; missing 2 grille bars.  Excellent tires, 90%. Some weather-checking.  16.9-30’s ---  1 bad rear rim, have extra for $120 more.

Lot #17 – 1966 M-M G1000 Wheatland Diesel – S/N 32700297 - $3,000. Good sheet metal.  Fair tires.  Tires 60% - weather-checked.  Very good rims.  Tractor runs.  No PTO.  Dual hydraulics.  Meter shows 3,000 hrs.  Can’t verify if it works. Includes a weight bracket & a seat.

Lot #18 – 1967 M-M Jet Star 3 Gas Industrial – S/N 30800178 - $???  [parting out].  Sweeper tractor.  Parts only.  No manifold, starter, generator, grille.

Lot #20 – 1960 M-M MoTrac Crawler – Diesel – $9,000.  Rare model is 1 of only 161 built.  Is in great condition.  Has original diesel engine.  Was given complete engine overhaul in 2009; started occasionally since; no wear/tear been put on it.  Pistons, rings, rods, and main bearings also replaced with new.  Rebuilt injectors and injection pump.  Runs great. Loader works.  Smooth operating; cylinders don’t leak or settle.  Good undercarriage.  No rust, new seat cushions.  Only needs paint job to complete restoration.

Lot #21 – 1960 or 61 M-M MoTrac Gas – 1 of 38 built - $???  Make Offer.  Fair sheet metal.  Does run.  Mostly complete.  This rare gas model has ripper.

Lot #22 – 1960/61 MoTrac Crawler for PARTS – S/N 18600040 - $????  PARTS ONLY.  Have tranny.  No engine.  Loader is good.

Lot #24 – 950 Oliver Diesel - $4,800 OBO.  Complete “out of frame” engine overhaul.  Very good tin.   All original. 

Lot #26 – 950 Oliver Diesel – S/N 530158 - $4,500  OBO.  Was overhauled in 2009.  Runs great.  Nice sheet metal.  Tires 25% with some weather-checking.  Rims nice condition.  Heavy-duty hitch.  Dual hydraulics. Easy restoration project. 

Lot #27 – 1951 M-M G gas model – S/N 01602599 - $1,250.  Sheet metal excellent.  Tire condition excellent.  18.00-26’s; no weather-checking.  Has original seat.  Needs radiator replaced. Froze and repaired.  One head is welded where froze up.

Lot #29 – 1971 M-M G950 LP – S/N 43500159 - $4,500.  Excellent sheet metal; good tire condition.  18.4-34’s are 70%.  Tractor runs.  Has PTO, 540/1000, dual hydraulics.  Good 2-speed amplitorque. Has 3 point, cab, original seat.  Hour meter shows 5,000 hrs. f I’m reading it correctly; not clear.  Tractor has oil leak; maybe rear seal.  Will get cab off when I get it here.  This is a very clean original tractor.  Hyd. has been changed to open center.  Simple conversion, works.

Lot #30 – 1957 M-M 445 Gas w/ factory Moline loader – S/N 10202058 - $2,750.   Fair sheet metal, good tires; 70%.  Does run.  Some dents, but no rust.  No front emblem.  540 PTO.  Needs seat.  No torque.  New dash & gauges, no gas gauge.  Rebuilt PTO.  Hydraulics are weak, but steers good.  I think pump is good.

Lot #35 – 1965 M-M G707 Diesel – S/N 31300071 - $??? PARTS TRACTOR.  Model built in 1965 only; 415 made.  Sheet metal available is hood only.  Poor tires.  Good rims.  Turns over.  Steering sector gone.  Generator gone.  No fenders.

Lot #37 – 1967-70 M-M U302 Super Diesel – S/N hard to read…rubbed off.  Engine S/N is 34000148.  $4,850.  Excellent sheet metal, fair tires.  15.5-38’s  Rims excellent.  Tractor runs.  Has PTO, 540.   Good amplitorque.  Dual hydraulics, no 3-point, has original seat.  Hours:  unknown.  Used tractor w/ Bush Hog all summer; runs good.

Lot #38 – 1967 M-M U302 Super Diesel – S/N 27700035 - $3,750.  Good sheet metal, fair tires---50%.  15.5-38 spin-outs.  Has PTO, 540.  Hour meter shows 2,400; doesn’t work.   Torque is out on high side, rear main leaks.  May need injectors or pump work, but runs OK.

Lot #39 – 1968 M-M G1000 VISTA Diesel – S/N 34600994 - $3,000.  Good sheet metal; needs 1 side emblem.  Poor tires---20.8-38’s with good rims.  Has PTO, 540/1000, dual hydraulics, 3 point, cab [may take off].  Seat is not original, hour meter doesn’t work.  Runs, tranny shifter rod is broke.  May salvage the tractor.  6-bolt wide front end.  No fenders.  2-speed ampli-torque not checked.

Lot #41 – 1964 M-M M602 LP – S/N 26602313 - $1,500.  Sheet metal is good, especially grille, side tins, hood.  Tires are good – 15.5-38’s are 70%.  Tractor runs.
Original seat in good condition.  Very good fenders except left-hand fender is bent a little in rear – repairable.  Rims are spin-outs.  Front axle has been welded.  Has new seat cushions. 

Lot #43 – 1952 (?) M-M ZA LP – S/N 0061_5_2__ - $1,600.  Rare model Moline.  Only a few of these LP’s were made.  Serial no. plate is there; just hard to read from hose or something rubbing on it.  LP tank shows manufacture date of 1952.  Tractor was converted to gas, but will come with everything needed to convert it back to LP [regulator, intake, etc.]  Propane head is still on tractor.  Ran when parked in a barn several years ago.  Turns over with starter & shouldn’t take much to get running.  Nice original tractor and would make a nice restoration project.  Has belt pulley, hydraulics, PTO, and crank.  Back tires are 60% with some weather checks.  Front tires are poor.

Lot #44 – 1963 G705 Diesel – S/N 23900112 - $1,600.  Good sheet metal, fair tires with some weather-checking.  Tractor runs good.  No PTO.  Has original seat.  Weights not included.  Nice original tractor, good rims.  Paint is just poor on hood. 

Lot #45 – 1960 M-M GVI LP 4x4 – S/N 16001500 - $??? PARTS TRACTOR.  Turns over.  1 rear tire is flat.  No seat.  Does not include weights.  Have other front side panel.  Has angle iron reinforcing on A-frame.  No transfer case or drive shaft.  Cab is coming off.

Lot #46 – 1965 M-M G707 Diesel – S/N 31300285 - $2,650.  Produced in 1965 only.  Excellent sheet metal.  Tires are 80%, some weather-checking, good rims; no fluid.
Tractor runs good.  Has PTO, 540, dual hydraulics, original seat.  Nice tractor from Montana.  Does not include weights.  Has 2 small slits in grille for light bracket.  Rusty platform & fenders inside cab.